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 Over the past few years my wife and I are increasingly spending more of our time in Spain.  It is a beautiful, cultured country,  and we count ourselves lucky

 old beach couple 

     Relaxed and glamourous old lady
    40 x 35cm Oil on paper     £180






 40 x 35cm oil on paper




Cartagena Port is alive and vibrant during the day,  and positively velvet on a summer night

120 x 60 cm oil on board - £350
(currently on display in Spain)

Una Plaza - Lorca

Spaniards never seem to tire of the outdoor life
50 x 40 cm oil on canvas

Francisco and Christian
Lovely gitano kids - but so different!

Cafe, Las Ramblas - Barcelona    
One of the most vibrant people watching streets in the world
50 x 40cm oil on canvas

El Mercado, Las Ramblas Barcelona
Fruit markets in Spain are always jam
packed with exciting colours
40 x 30 cm oil on paper   £160


       Goats , Fuente Alamo - Spain
Spanish goat herds, ranging in size from 20 to
several hundred still roam the countryside
with their goatherds.  Now unfortunately they
often have to compete with building site
  bulldozers for pasture - One of my favourite
painting themes    60 x 45cm oil on canvas £220

View from Los Raimundos
Commissioned by Ann and Cyril - The view from their loively Spanish country home
Not for sale

The Goatherd
60 x 45cm oil on canvas  £240

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