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Music in Cuba is everywhere, just  everywhere.  This cafe had one , customer - Me!

The Band

50 x 40 cm oil on canvas - £220






 Buena Vista Social Club              

This group was only a part of the original line up.  The majority, sad to say, are long gone!                              

50 x 40 cm oil on canvas - £220


1950's Americana.

Due to a trade embargo by Uncle Sam  Cuba has kept these museum pieces going long past their sell by date - The young women however are real!

50 x 40 cm oil on canvas   £220


                                                                     Old Men       

  In the town of Trinidad, Cuba, it really is a relatively car free way of life.  These old boys were not posing;  They were going about their normal business and stopping for a chat     

50 x 40 cm oil on canvas   £220                               

                         Plaza Central - La Habana

                              50 x 40 oil on canvas  £220                                                                       



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